Sharefile offers many communication services, including virtual data rooms, e-signatures, and more. This company offers many different services and features that its competitors do not, and this is why many customers have deemed the Sharefile experience superior within the virtual data room industry. Upon navigating to the company’s website, users are immediately presented with the opportunity to begin their free 30-day trial.


Free trials are typically standard for virtual data room providers; companies want customers to test out their services before committing. Therefore, being immediately presented with guidance towards establishing a free trial is helpful to customers.


A unique feature of Sharefile is that they offer 10+ industry-specific communication solutions. These include: accounting, architecture, construction, engineering, finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, manufacturing, and real estate. They also offer general, more basic services for other industries and users. This categorization of specific services helps potential clients get to their desired destinations quicker. The strategy also lessens the burden of the company’s customer service support team as individuals may more easily guide themselves to the specific packages they need before reaching out for assistance.


Additionally, unlike competitors, Sharefile offers many different straightforward packages with explicit costs attached to each. The plans include a personal one, priced at $16 per month; a team package, priced at $60 per month; a business package, priced at $100 per month; and a complete virtual data room, priced at $295 per month. All of these expenses are billed annually.


These explicit pricing packages, combined with the immediately apparent offer of a 30-day free trial communicate transparency to customers, which is highly preferred in industries that deal so much with security and confidentiality.


The personal deal comes with 1 employee account. The team comes with 5 employee accounts, the business comes with 5 employee accounts, but allows for unlimited storage. The virtual data room can be customized, so that there an appropriate number of accounts for the given purpose of the room.


In general, ShareFile is a very reputable virtual data room provider. It is well-known and well-received by myriad customers globally. Its industry specificity, free-trial offer, and detailed pricing packages make it a very impressive company and a leader in its industry. It performs far better annually than many of its competitors.




  • They support all file sizes on all devices.
  • They claim to use bank-level encryption to ensure the security of all data and documents.
  • They offer live training sessions for users looking to improve their experience.
  • They allow for real-time collaboration and communication with colleagues and clients.
  • The software effortlessly integrates with users’ pre-existing tools and systems.
  • They are very transparent with their pricing, packages, and options available for customers.




  • Whereas other virtual data room providers offer 24/7/365 global customer service in multiple languages, Sharefile’s customer support is U.S.-based and more limited.
  • Albeit transparent, this company’s basic package is significantly more expensive than competitors’ basic packages.
  • ShareFile might come across as intimidating to new users, or to potential customers who are completely unfamiliar with virtual data rooms.