Upon navigating to, users are presented with the information that they can get their virtual data room up and running within just 10 minutes. This is an unprecedented speed, and is unparalleled in the virtual data room industry. The closest claimed time to get a system like this up and running is 20 minutes.


In short, the company claims to offer software that is simple, powerful, affordable, and secure. It is used by huge reputable companies such as BuzzFeed and SONOS. SecureDocs is known for being very robust and powerful; it is designed to handle very large enterprises and their very detailed needs. The software’s power, combined with such a competitive setup time, make SecureDocs one of the most commonly-used and favored security solution software available on the market today.


Some of the key features immediately apparent on the website include: the ability to drag and drop folders and documents; $250 per month flat-fee pricing; unlimited users and data; and built-in electronic signature. These are the basic features offered by the company, but to compare, these features were some of the more advanced functionalities for some competitors. In other words, this software is not inexpensive. It is reputable, and known for its excellent layout, capabilities, and user-friendliness, but it will cost individuals and companies much more than if they sought out a product from a different company.


To put this into better perspective, certain competitor companies start their package rates at as low as $5 or $6 per month. $250 per month is significantly more expensive, but the company believes its key features make the hefty price worth it. The company takes most pride in its built-in e-signature feature, as well as its intuitive interface.


On top of this, SecureDocs offers a 14-day free trial. This is not an uncommon offer for companies in this industry. These free trials give potential clients the ability to test and see if the software will meet their needs.


Overall, SecureDocs is considered one of the most robust, sufficient, and excellent virtual data room providers in the market. The software allows for customization, and provides advanced security via IP address tracking. This boosts user-awareness. It is these additional features, among others, that make SecureDocs stand out as one of the best in the industry.




  • Audit trail reporting; users are emailed daily with information about who is viewing certain documents.
  • IP address tracking for advanced security and user-awareness.
  • Advanced permission capabilities and customizable NDA templates.
  • Transparent pricing. This makes it simple and easy for customers to decide if they want to invest in this software.
  • Historically, customers review this product positively and some claim it to be the best security solution software available.
  • The customer service support is efficient and up to par.




  • This software uses a tag-based system for data entry, which can be limiting.
  • The software can be expensive.