RR Donnelley

RR Donnelley is a global leader in providing integrated business and marketing communication solutions. This company is not explicitly a provider of virtual data rooms, but this is a service that they do offer. In general, RR Donnelley is a less well-known and less reputable security solution provider than many of its competitors.


Upon researching this company, it becomes apparent that much of its online presence revolves around finding new employees, and the general work experience of employees overall. Furthermore, it was unfortunate to find that many employees did not enjoy working for this company, making claims like terrible work shifts and no associate relief.


This may be problematic for the company as RR Donnelley is not immediately displayed when users use their search engines to search for the best virtual data room providers. In fact, upon using a search engine to look up this company, most the results are related to employees’ work experiences at this company. Given this, it is not very easy for potential clients to locate where they may purchase the software. Plus, because many of the work reviews and testimonies are not positive, the company is not highlighted in a positive manner in any way. Customers will likely be turned off to buying this software if they are initially flooded with information about the company’s poor internal operations and work dynamic.


Although the company does not specialize solely in virtual data rooms, the mention of virtual data rooms as a package is omitted from the website. It is generally unclear what this company offers upon navigating to their website.


There is also plentiful information regarding investors and stocks on the website, but it is unclear where to go to receive quotes for their services. There is an option for customers to contact the company directly, but compared to other leaders in virtual data room providers and general business communication security, this website appears to be lacking and not very user-friendly.


More specifically, the website is very clunky, and does not provide sufficient guidance for users. It is unclear what exactly the company provides, and to where potential customer should navigate if they want to invest in their software. In addition, a large focus on the website is finding new employees instead of appealing to potential clients of the services that the company offers.




  • Their services are multidimensional, providing customers with many different services.
  • Offers services to a variety of desktops, mediums, and screen sizes.
  • They have a large customer base in both private and public sectors.




  • The website places a strong focus on finding employees rather than selling its product.
  • Web searches reveal too much negative information about work experience at this company.
  • Web searches do not reveal enough about the software itself, or its benefits.
  • The website design is a bit clunky.
  • “Virtual data room” is not explicitly apparent upon clicking on the website URL.
  • The website contains a left sidebar that covers certain text.
  • Description of the company on their website is brief and lacking.