iDeals is perhaps one of the most straightforward, user-friendly virtual data room providers available. The company prides itself on being so easy that new users do not require training to get the most use out of its functions. The company is independently certified for hundreds of controls that work for processes, applications, infrastructure and people.


Perhaps the company’s most impressive quality is that it can establish a virtual data room within 15 minutes. This speed truly separates this company from its competitors, who may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to deploy a room.


One of the company’s key attributes is the many features offered exclusively for the secure sharing of sensitive information. Some of these features include: drag & drop file upload, bulk upload, the ability to take files in any format, automatic index numbering, full text search, and general user-friendliness. Many competing companies do not offer nearly as many features, and iDeals prides itself on providing users an extensive list of services.


The company offers a 30-day free trial, where users can take unlimited advantage of the service. Although iDeals claims no training is required, training is still offered, and users can work one-on-one with an expert. Pricing packages are individualized based on specific projects, but in general, the software is $150 per month for basic usage.


A common customer complaint for many virtual data room providers is that certain file formats are not supported, the most common being PDF. However, iDeals supports 25+ file formats, including PDF format, ensuring that users do not reach an impasse when attempting to upload and utilize files of different formats.


Unfortunately, with virtual data room software, it is true that the most straightforward pricing packages are the most attractive to customers. Therefore, while it is great that the company offers a basic package for $150 per month, it is not so great that other package pricings are not explicitly stated.


In addition, although the company claims that no training is required, virtual data room software is not for complete beginners. Those who have a decent amount of experience dealing with data, security, or confidentiality may get along with the software quickly. However, if a businessperson seeking to use this software does not have prior technology or security experience, training is likely necessary for a peaceful usage of this product.




  • It takes at most 15 minutes to deploy a data room.
  • No plug-ins are required, and the software supports all computers, browsers, and mobile devices.
  • Supports 25+ document file formats, so there is no need to prepare special documents.
  • Invite hundreds of users into a document at one time.
  • Easy-to-learn privacy rights, so that allowing each user to view, print, or download documents is made simple.
  • Cheaper than alternatives.




  • There is nothing too unique about iDeals.
  • Customer service and support is not a highlight.