Brainloop is a worldwide security solutions service provider based out of Germany. The company claims to be the leader of cloud-based solution for secure collaboration on confidential documents. It prides itself on offering services that are suitable for day-to-day business activities to extremely confidential M&A activities. This being said, the company is not as well-known or highly reputable as its competitors within the virtual data room industry.


Upon immediately navigating to the website, all text is found to be in German. This is perhaps useful for customers based in Germany, but as virtual data rooms are frequently purchased by international companies who primarily speak English, this attribute could prove to be unattractive to potential clients.


Brainloop claims to store sensitive data in multiple location around the world. The company offers a wide variety of solutions, claiming to be able to assist a large range of customers with specialized and unique issues. The website states, “From the highly integrated cloud solution for strictly confidential business activities to the global enterprise solution, with which document can be safely shared and edited together.” These are the types of customers Brainloop assists with security solutions.


Unfortunately, if users use their search engines to research Brainloop, or they are simply searching for the best virtual data room providers, they will likely see negative aspects of this company first. Customers tend to review Brainloop negatively, claiming that the customer service support is not very impressive, and that the website is too complicated. There are also many negative work reviews from former employees of the company. Some individuals have claimed that the sales and marketing departments were always conflicting with each other. Others have claimed that management was very poor, and that there were not many career opportunities within the company.


Although work reviews and other related topics may not be relevant to potential clients of Brainloop’s software, they still leave negative impressions on the company. Unfortunately, this company is not very reputable, nor does it stick out among its competitors for being exceptional or well-distinguished.




  • The setup and start-up of Brainloop’s virtual data rooms is quick and easy.
  • Users are granted control through integrated management and the recording of all practices.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • The security of this software surpasses market standards.
  • No plug-ins are necessary, and all devices are supported.




  • Working for the company was an unpleasant experience for many employees, who claimed a lack of leadership and a lack of training.
  • Customer service is not as sophisticated as other company’s customer support systems.
  • The company is not as popular or reputable as other companies.
  • The website text is in German, which could potentially deter international companies from purchasing a package.
  • Upon searching for Brainloop using a search engine, negative reviews regarding working for the company show up first.
  • There are many negative customer reviews as well.
  • The company suffers from a lack of exposure, and many individuals and businesses are unaware of its existence.