How To Handle and Prepare For A Ransomware Attack


The beginning of the year has seen the rise of a new type of ransomware that aims to steal PayPal credentials by a run-of-the-mill phishing scheme that links users to a fake website to enter their credit card information for a purchase. As the name suggests, ransomware steals and encrypts your confidential information and requests a ransom so that you can get it back safely and be able to use it again. The sheer panic of such an unexpected attack can make any user want to hand over some money in order to get things back to normal.


However, the National Cyber Security Centre recommends that you don’t pay for any ransom requested because it will only make the attackers believe you are open to paying again in the future and won’t guarantee that you will be able to access the corrupted data or device that was initially attacked. While you can’t predict a ransomware or malware attack and stop it from happening, there are a few precautionary tactics to implement in order to decrease the possibility of it happening to you.


  • Always keep the software on your devices updated so that any security bugs are fixed and can’t be exploited
  • Install the necessary anti-virus software on vulnerable computers
  • Avoid downloading apps on your computer or your smartphone from third party sites. Stick to the designated App Stores when allowing an application to have access to all your vital and confidential information.
  • Backup all important data, either on an external hard drive or in a secure data room that is impenetrable to unwanted third parties. Electronic data rooms offer a greater layer of protection than generic document sharing platforms, so they should be used to your advantage when storing or sharing large amounts of confidential company data.
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever offered to be sure that it isn’t easy to access your information and always double check the URL of a website that you are entering your information into.

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