Ansarada is a global virtual data room provider that focuses on simplifying the process of making business deals.


The company was born specifically to make life easier for everybody involved in making deals, especially those needing to communicate personal information through the internet. The company claims to search for roadblocks to achieving simplistic deals and seeks to eliminate them.


The idea for Ansarada was planted in 2005, when a software developer and a couple of accountants were participating in an M&A deal. Around this team, developed virtual data rooms were virtually nonexistent. Very few companies had produced quality software products that were both efficient and secure. The team of individuals needed an excellent virtual data room, but they could not find a product suitable for their needs in the market. They began working closely with an entrepreneur who researched many different dealmakers who were also dissatisfied with the products they found online. This entrepreneur also inquired to learn what was most important to dealmakers. Together, these individuals worked to make something much better; a sufficient and excellent product that would allow for quick and easy business deals online. Three of the four original founding members still play important roles in the company today.


Ansarada takes pride in four main areas: customers, curiosity, courage, and influence. Their website explains that everything the company does is for its customers, and that the team wants to drive positive change in the industry. They are also constantly curious about new ways to improve their business, software, and services, and they want to be courageous enough to give customers precisely what they need. This company specializes in providing virtual data rooms for M&A.


This said, there exists a wide range of customer opinions on Ansarada. Some customers thoroughly enjoy the software, and believe that customer service is excellent. On the other hand, some customers find the software to be limiting and complicated, and claim that the company does not offer great customer support.


The website is well-structured, and it is easy for customers to navigate. The process of sharing confidential information using Ansarada software is simple, but navigating the software’s many features has been deemed complicated and taxing by many users. Nonetheless, the setup is also simple, as the software does not require any extra plug-ins. It is also designed to self-destruct documents. Beyond simplicity, the software is very secure, and provides real-time bidder tracking. The software’s simplicity and software allure customers, and those willing to stick out the learning curve are the ones who get the fully enjoy what Ansarada can offer.




  • Reports include tracking on the document that bidders view outside of the virtual data room, so there is improved security.
  • The software requires zero plug-ins, and adapts itself to all devices.
  • The software is designed to self-destruct documents.
  • The company website is highly integrated, and offers extensive support for all aspects of the software, including: setup, taking actions, privacy rights, and more.
  • It is great for M&A work.




  • Cannot read documents while offline.
  • Cannot download in PDF format.
  • It is difficult to distinguish between groups within the software.
  • Authentication practices are made difficult.